Does your CustomerHub content / learning center look good on mobile?

SoOOooo you have CustomerHub…

and you love it. But your clients HATE that they have to log into it from ONLY a desktop or laptop because the content isn’t “mobile responsive or even mobile friendly”. When you sell membership content, you MUST make it available on tablets and phones.

(Your Google Analytics I’m sure will tell you – folks are makin’ serious miles on the internet superhighway via mobile devices).

Buy Genie themes, install our quick script, use our cheat sheet for updating your content for mobile.. and KA BLAMMMM….

Which CustomerHub Theme Do You Have?

We’re adding to our list each day.

More themes available soon

Mobile device before installing Genie themes

Viewing after installing Genie Themes


Consider the following guidelines as a base standard for optimizing your CustomerHub theme:

  1. Embed all media at 290px wide
  2. Do not use the “thumbnail” option for videos in CustomerHub
  3. Do not use lightbox embedding photos or video
  4. Keep images file size under 500k
  5. Images should be sized to 72dpi or 96dpi
  6. Do not use html tables
  7. Editing the custom stylesheet may affect how Genie Themes works

For advanced users and coders, check out this great resource from on Making Embedded Content Work In Responsive Design.

Read our Customerhub Responsive Review

Tips and guidelines on how you can optimize your Customerhub experience. Written by Doug Mustapick

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General FAQ’s

Q: Why is my content not working with your mobile responsive theme?

A: New custom classes will not be automatically supported by Genie Themes.

A: Please be sure you’re using a current active subscription license for Genie Themes | Login. A: Please refer to our coding guidelines for additional troubleshooting or contact support at for additional help.

Q: My CustomerHub hosted videos aren’t responding.

A: Video width can be adjusted in the CustomerHub media library. Height & width should be set to have a “null value”

Q: Does my logo need to be a certain size to look awesome on mobile devices?

A: To look awesome on mobile we strongly recommend a max logo width of 284px.

Q: Why is my audio play link not showing on mobile devices?

A: Native audio links are currently not supported on mobile devices by Customerhub. We recommend using AmazonS3, SoundCloud, or MixCloud for your hosted audio.

Q: How can I make my audio play on mobile devices without downloading it?

A: You can use a variety of free and paid streaming audio players that will work great with a mobile responsive theme in CustomerHub. We recommend SoundCloud, Spreaker AmazonS3, and other cloud environments.

Q: Why are my CHub files having a random behaviour? (Some open, some download, open in different apps)

A: Creating a consistent experience takes some planning. We recommend offering customers the ability to view content in page, as well as download, as long as your content delivery program “affords” it. If you’re using native file downloads in CustomerHub along with AmazonS3 embeds, chances are you’ll see a different experience based on the way these links are embedded in the pages. It’s best to use one technology for each “media function”.

Q: Why can’t I use FB comments plugin if using responsive themes?

A: We’re working on a solution to create a responsive environment for the FB Comments Plugin. Currently we have little access to this third party tool but stay tuned! We’re ON IT!

Q: So I have played around with this for a while… and realized, I don’t want to mess with all this weird code stuff! I mean… I’m not a nerd!!! Plus I have BOATLOADS of cash… Will you do it for me?

A: Why yes we will. Marketing Efficiency Consultants specializes in nerd wizardry. We were the type of kids that got shoved in our lockers at school… Don’t worry though! That is where we found all the time to learn this nerd stuff and where we found our love of pocket protectors, protractors, and cool code stuff!

Embedding Video & Audio

Q: Why do my images look wonky mobile devices?

A: Your images may be too big for the space. Please be sure to upload and size your images at a maximum width and resolution of 600px / 72dpi.

Q: Help! I can’t get my Wistia Video to work right!

A: While Genie Themes does not provide support to 3rd party video and audio players, we would like to help you as much as we can! Please visit Wistia’s recommendations to make your video work, which can be found here:

Q: ARGGHHHH!!! Amazon S3 has failed me! My video isn’t being as awesome as my Amazon Prime!

A: Please see their help page here: PS – Don’t get scared by all the techie gabble-dee-goop! Just read through, follow their instructions, and enjoy copy and pasting!