HELP! My Emails Are Ending Up In Spam Filters!

When you’re frustrated with lack luster delivery and response to your email marketing campaigns.

Sender Score

  • Understand Your Sender Score
  • Implementing SPF Records
  • Reviewing Content For Spam Triggers
  • Decreasing Soft Bounces
  • Increase Engagement

Email Compliance Expert Help

Content Marketing

  • Use spam testing tools to test email reputation and content before you finalize “big” sends to your database.
  • Check html email color themes negative spam scores.
  • Check your content against our master database of known spam phrases.
  • Avoid being flagged as “unsolicited”.  We’ll recommend the consistency of merge fields in all content to personalized, personalize personalize, as much as possible.
  • Make sure subject lines are optimized and are specific to the content you are sending in that email.
  • Help analyze and assist in creating balanced HTML vs. Plain Text emails.
  • Check text to image ratio in your emails and adjust if necessary.    If an email is going to be all content and no graphics make it a plain text email.  As well if it is HTML don’t make an email that’s just one giant image can also get an increased spam score.

Email Marketing Links

  • Check for link shortening tools such as or, which CAN have a negative reputation with spam filters.
  • Check “from address” domains, any links domains, hosted images domains for negative email reputation or blacklisting issues on them across multiple platforms.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Keep track of your ongoing email reputation by monitoring hard/soft and general bounces for invalid email addresses in your list that can hurt your deliverability.
  • Strategize on “list age” versus “frequency of emails” to ensure proper list attrition – keeping deliverability high.
  • Look at your spam complaints to proactively maintain a less than .1% threshold for spam complaints.
  • Help with SPF record creation to ensure the emails you are sending have the proper authentication.
  • Check to make sure no phishing related filters are picking up your emails as potential spam.
  • Use test accounts with all major email providers to do deliverability testing.

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